In 2007, the Community Partnership Initiative, now known as Community Partnership Program, was formed.

The guiding principle behind the Community Partnership Program is to work hand-in-hand with community residents, local community groups, service providers and local government to encourage and develop new approaches to problem-solving around abuse and neglect. The intent is to weave a safety net for struggling children and their families by supporting them with the professional services that the Administration for Children's Services, Community Providers, and Community Based Organizations can provide.

The Staten Island Community Partnership Program falls under the purview of the Division of Child and Family Well-being, part of the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships of the Administration for Children's Services. This division will promote well-being, opportunities and access to resources and will work collaboratively throughout the agency and with our partners to build the assets and reliance of our children, families and communities. Working collaboratively with our partner agencies, organizations and community members, it will develop new ways for families to access information, services, resources and community supports.

Comprised of various service providers, city agencies, grassroots organizations and participating residents. Our goals are: 

  • To provide and promote family-centered community-based services to at-risk families and children.

  • Collaborate with residents, community groups, service providers and local government as well as other interested parties to address issues and concerns affecting families, with a focus on the North Shore of Staten Island.

  • Facilitate awareness of child abuse and neglect issues on Staten Island through community outreach, such as resource fairs, educational presentations and workshops.

  • Facilitate inter-agency cooperation and coordination to ensure the most effective delivery of services to families.


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Staten Island Community Partnership Program