In 2007, the Community Partnership Initiative, now known as Community Partnership Program, was formed.

The guiding principle behind the Community Partnership Program is to work hand-in-hand with community residents, local community groups, service providers and local government to encourage and develop new approaches to problem-solving around abuse and neglect. The intent is to weave a safety net for struggling children and their families by supporting them with the professional services that the Administration for Children's Services, Community Providers, and Community Based Organizations can provide.

The Staten Island Community Partnership Program falls under the purview of the Division of Child and Family Well-being, part of the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships of the Administration for Children's Services. This division will promote well-being, opportunities and access to resources and will work collaboratively throughout the agency and with our partners to build the assets and reliance of our children, families and communities. Working collaboratively with our partner agencies, organizations and community members, it will develop new ways for families to access information, services, resources and community supports.

In January 2019, The New York Foundling (The Foundling) officially became the backbone organization for the Staten Island Community Partnership Program (SICPP) to work in partnership with the New York City Administration of Children's Services (ACS), Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP) to support and strengthen opportunities for children, families, and multi-generational Staten Island residents. 

Since 1869, The New York Foundling has found purpose in supporting our neighbors on their own paths to stability, strength, and independence. Today, our unwavering commitment to our community continues, with an expanded set of solutions for families, as well as specific services for infants and children, teens and college students, and individuals with differing abilities.

The Foundling’s role is to host the coalition and support the goal of SICPP while ensuring community involvement in decision making and planning. In our first year, we will focus on a strategic planning process to assess the assets and needs of the Staten Island North Shore Community, develop relationships with different sectors, and have sub-groups that will help meet the strategic plans while creating the priorities. The Foundling has hired a Program Director, a Community Organizer, and an Administrative Assistant. The Foundling has also hired a consultant to assistant in coaching our team in developing strategies to push forward the CPP Framework of Equity, collective Impact, and 2-gen approach, and, together with SI CPP members, expand the great work of many of our partners currently taking place in Staten Island.

The SICPP has long-standing history of exemplary partnership work. Together, with our community partners, residents, and those closest to the problems, we work to engage the community to better understand their strengths and needs, and create solution that sustainable. The SICPP, alike all 11 CPP throughout NYC, is currently in the strategic planning phase for 2019.

In the next few months, The Staten Island Community Partnership Program will organize meetings, trainings, parent café, workgroups, and events. We will be working with our workgroups and CPP members to recruit residents to participate in the Community Partnership, increase access to services, and develop relationships between families, neighbors and local providers.

Thank you for being the key leaders, advocators, and system-changers in the community, and for your support and contribution on the Strategic Planning process and the sustainability of SICPP. 

Please join us our monthly Staten Island CPP Meeting in the Community Partnership – details on the home page and calendar.

Additional resources and information can be found in our Google Drive.

For any inquiry about the next meeting, sharing resources, referrals, inquiries, and/or becoming a CPP local resident Ambassador, please visit our Contact page.


Comprised of various service providers, city agencies, grassroots organizations, and participating residents. Our goals are to: 

  • Inform ACS policy and practice

  • Build partnerships and engage public, private, and grassroots stakeholders

  • Coordinate service referrals and utilization among local providers and city programs

  • Build community capacity and social capital by supporting Community Ambassador leadership

  • Support community knowledge share in CPP-led events and by hosting city trainings or workshops

  • Inform city policy and practice related to child and family well-being

  • Coordinate evaluation methods and Ongoing Learning


  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

  • Inclusion

  • Outcome Driven

strategic planning overview

The SICPP is engaging in a very intentional strategic planning process to assess the needs of the North Shore community and develop community relationships. The SICPP is collaborative and inclusive on how we engage the community to identify community needs and strengths.  The goal is to identify a priority area within the two-generation approach and pilot primary prevention strategies that engage all members of a family. At the end of this process, a three-year strategic plan will guide how the SICPP will allocate its resources, defining a clear sense of outcomes. The strategic plan will be updated every twelve months, or as needed, and used as a tool to focus implementation.

The strategic planning process milestones include:

  1. Use of community-level data, including but not limited to demographics, child and family well-being, health, and other data as appropriate.

  2. Use of stakeholder input through open-ended surveys, listening sessions, and SICPP member interviews.

  3. Involvement in community education and awareness events aligned with SICPP’s mission, purpose and goals.

  4. Development of well-being indicators to measure SICPPs impact on child and family well-being.

We are grateful to the Strategic Planning Committee for their dedication and contribution to this process:

  • Betsy Dubovsky, SI Foundation

  • Sarah Nadeau, The New York Foundling

  • Ileana Mendoza, ACS

  • Christopher Ruiz, RUMC

  • Jenny Palaguachi, Healthcare Education Project

  • Rosalind Diaz, Literacy Inc

  • Kevin Squires, MetroPlus

  • Marcel Braithwaite, PAL

  • Julia Glauboch, SIUH

  • Andre Lucy, The New York Foundling

  • Erica Santiago, Center for Health Equity

  • Tiana Stowers Pearson, RCDA

  • Jennifer Clarke-Craig, Health Education Project

  • Jazmin Rivera, SIPCW

  • Kendall Spiller, Labor NYC

  • Rhea Smith, MetroPlus

  • Imani Decuir, MetroPlus

  • Michael Carr, Northwell

  • Adrienna Abatte, SIPCW

  • Vanessa Vargas, Staten Island Alliance for the North Shore Children and Families

  • Ginny Mantello, Staten Island Borough President

  • Sergeant Theresa Hunt, NYPD

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