Family Engagement Time

The Staten Island Community Partnership Program (SICPP) has embarked on an initiative in collaboration with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) to enhance court ordered supervised family visits, called Family Engagement Time. The objective of Family Engagement Time is to provide families the opportunity for interactive, engaging visits by structuring various activities coordinated by a facilitator. The core focus of this initiative is:

  • Providing impactful, educational, skills building, creative and meaningful encounters that enriches the lives of children and families.

  • Serving as a catalyst to promote personal growth and family engagement. 

  • Encouraging child well-being and safety.

  • Empowering families through providing relevant resource information and support, working with them as partners to link them to help through peer to peer support.

  • Framing and shaping occasions for restoration and  permanency.

The families are invited to participate in the activities that are governed by SICPP and other community partners. The families not only leave with memories of engaging in positive experiences with each other, but they also get to take the keepsakes they created together, as well as community-based resources. Community partners who have provided facilitators include Literacy Inc., Projectivity, Illuminart, City Harvest, Safe Passage and Apryl Cadabra Entertainment. Thank you to the organizations and facilitators who have provided sessions so far and the families who have participated and allowed us to be a part of their visit.