Two-Generation Approach

Creating programs and policies that address the needs of vulnerable children and their parents together. We use this framework to inform evidence-based strategies related to policy creation, service referral and utilization, community knowledge sharing, and designing programs and strategies that build social capital.

Collective Impact

Focusing on strategies and characteristics of successful collaborations working on complex social problems, like improving child and family well-being and addressing family and community needs while building on their strengths. We use this framework to inform strategic planning, support consensus building, guide a shared accountability measurement plan, inform self-governance, and position The New York Foundling as the SICPP’s backbone agency.


Explicitly addressing issues of racial, gender and LGTBQ equity in communities, and implicit bias in service provision and policy. We use this framework to identify and address disparities in service provision and access, and will partner with ACS and other City agencies to assess child and family outcomes across equity indicators such as race, socioeconomic status and gender, and help identify solution-based strategies.